Safe Deposit Boxes

Need a safe place to keep your valuables or important papers? Our Safe Deposit Boxes are available for a small annual fee.

Safe Deposit Boxes are available at the following locations:

  • 900 S. Austin Avenue, Georgetown, TX
  • 5321 Williams Drive, Georgetown, TX
  • 480 Del Webb Blvd., Georgetown, TX
  • 500 Round Rock Avenue, Round Rock, TX

We offer a variety of sizes from 3×5 to 10×10. Visit any of these locations to inquire about availability.


In protecting your safe deposit box, First Texas Bank, Georgetown, Texas, exercises the same high degree of care with which the Bank guards and maintains its own property.

Some confusion may exist, however, concerning whether safe deposit box contents are insured in the same manner as your accounts. In order to avoid any possible misunderstanding, you are reminded that the contents of your safe deposit box are NOT insured either by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or under insurance provided by First Texas Bank, Georgetown, Texas.

You may wish to discuss with your insurance agent the feasibility of insuring any valuable items in your safe deposit box.